are a classy and energetic duo...

and an exciting powerful band...

They perform the music they love,...
their own songs reflect an intimate writing style and the personal nature of their performances
plus carefully chosen classics are brought back to life in a rather exceptional way ...

their music is real ..., personal, alive and intense.
Lovers of music in all it's forms they each retain their own influences and fuse them together like a beautiful dance to create their own unique style- Funky Blues and soulful Rock and so much more.

"SHIFT IT BABY" is all about the music ... Handmade Music. Sometimes its just guitars & voices, sometimes add percussion, stomp box & loop station, or even a full band. When they are reaching the Zone they are improvising and creating - building tension and excitement going where it leads them.

With a wealth, and years, of individual and shared experience behind them, and after experimenting with different styles and other great musicians, constantly growing and evolving as artists they realized this duo is something special, with each nuance performed with passion and belief. They create a world of their own which you are invited to join.

They have been touring much of Europe and Australia, playing everything from Blues Clubs, Restaurants, Festivals to corporate gigs. They make regular visits to India, have created a good fan base there and enjoy the different musical sensations. Life is full of beauty and never ending inspiration. Shift it Baby creates great music, performing with their heart and soul and they love to share it with you.

...every feeling is conveyed through his guitar...
...with a gifted voice so large that only through her gestures can the experience be extended...
...the audience, spoilt through the excellence of past performers experienced here the great art of a full bodied offering of Jazz, Blues & Rock...
(Karl Schmied, Ostthuringen Zeitung, Germany)

...with full power and a brilliant soulful voice...
"SHIFT IT BABY" can come back for another Shift! ...

(Beate Baum, Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten, Germany)




16 Sep
Weinfest, Pesterwitz Duo 20:00 Uhr
23 Sep
Stadtfest, Grimma Duo 21:00 Uhr
29 Sep
Weinfest, Meissen Duo 21:00 Uhr

Past Gigs ...

Leinster House, Mynt Bar, Carvoeiro Bar, Gordon Arms, Algarve, Portugal Duo 19:00 Uhr
Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France Duo 18:00 Uhr
10 August
Seepromenade, Zürich Duo 17:00 Uhr
21 Juni
Raddison Hotel, Dresden Duo 19:00 Uhr
23 Juni
Soundcheck, Fehse Tonstudio, Dresden Duo 19:00 Uhr
28 Juni
Elbrock Bühne, Elbhangfest, Dresden Duo 19:00 Uhr

Past Gigs

2014 - Deutsche Krebshilfe Roadshow 2014 - Goan Shave Charity (India) 2014 - Hendrix Club Goa (India) 2014 - Guru Bar Goa (India) 2014 - Cap de Creus Cadaques (Spain) 2014/16 - Brown Sugar (Spain) 2014 - Wachberg Open Air Dresden 2015 - Fete de la Musique Dresden 2012/13 - Dresden Bandfestival 2010 - Skoda Pilzn Czech 2008-2017 - Elbhangfest Dresden 2008-2017 - Bunte Republik Neustadt 2016 - Seepromenade Zürich (Schweiz) 2016 - Vallon de Pont d'Arc (France) 2017 - Algarve Tour (Portugal)


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Mobile (Robyn): +49 178 1788656


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